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Best days of the week to be an escort


Some days are just better than others. Most people would think that weekend days are better in adult industry, but the truth is that Mondays and Tuesdays can be the most crowded days of the week. People look for relaxation and ways to break the routine of their lives, so that all the days of the week would be great for a meeting.

When are your escort services most solicited?

Your regular clients will want to meet you during the week, after work and before heading to their homes. They want to eliminate the frustration gathered after a busy day at work and you will spend a few hours together. It is nice to know that escorts really assist them, they will have an enjoyable date and escorts will bring sparkles in their life again.

New and occasional clients are those who call you before weekends. They want your escort services for only several hours or for the entire night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you will have to be dressed to impress. Perhaps you will accompany your client for a special occasion or you will hit the night clubs together. It will not leave room for other appointments, but you will have a wonderful adventure that will worth every moment.

Some escorts enjoy working 24/7, but preparation takes time and they cannot have more than 3-4 appointments in a day. Certain clients are most pretentious than others – and fees are established accordingly to your looks. Going there with huge dark circles around your eyes and tired will lower your client’s desire to meet you again and he will probably want to negotiate your price.

You can have as many meetings as you want, whenever you desire it. As long as your clients are pleased and longing to see you again, things will be perfect for your escort business. Do you prefer to work during the week days or in your weekends? Find out more on this topic here